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Filipino American, living in Las Vegas, father of soon to be four kids and a home entrepreneur. or message me in my FB account. my website is

hello, my name is allan, im a home business ENTREPRENEUR and i live in Las Vegas, nevada.

I started my journey 9 years ago after we moved from the islands of Saipan. its an island In the pacific which is part of the Northern Marianas islands. A beautiful place filled with coconuts, ocean marine life and history that sets you back during world war II. which still has the reminiscence of 1944. For me, the best thing about Saipan is the open beach 24/7 access and its marine life..



web designer

mountain bike rider


on my past years

I used to drive an 18 wheeler around America, transporting valuable merchandise around the country. started 2011 when I’ve gotten my CDL and ended in 2019 when the pandemic have started.

years before that, I was an assistant manager in a tourist retail store back home in Saipan. started my career when I was just 18 from the bottom up to that position. started 1998 and ended my career 2011 after I moved to Las Vegas Nevada.